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Originally born in Satu Mare, Romania, Tyler Grow is a music composer who was adopted by his mother in West Palm Beach, Florida. Tyler was brought up in the state of Florida all of his life and is also where he found his passion for music in middle school. 

Tyler attended G-Star School of the Arts, a film high-school where he found his passion for composing to film. He scored to many student projects and got an early start of understanding the film industry and music composition for film at an early age. 

Grow during his high school years also studied at New York University for their film-scoring workshop. Tyler and his roommate where the first high-school candidates ever to be accepted and allowed to study in the program. During his time there, Tyler worked with a string quartet and recorded with professional instrumentalists on original compositions for the program. Tyler had the privilege of studying under accomplished composers such as Michael Levine (Kit Kat Theme), Mark Suozzo, Sean Callery (Jessica Jones) and Ira Newborn (Sixteen Candles).

The Savanah College of Art and Design or SCAD  is where Tyler currently studies. In his first quarter of attending college, he worked with the Savannah Children's Choir for a big-budget film that was being shot out in California. SCAD opened up their biggest recording studio for Tyler to record the choir. With a team of experts, Tyler Grow created an orchestral piece with a full choir in his first quarter of college. 

Tyler's work has since been included in many college-short films and used by acclaimed Professional You-tubers. He is also known as TCG Music in the Social Media Platform.